Welcom to the JSPN


Motoshi Hattori MD, PhD
Japanese Society for Pediatric Nephrology

Professor and Chair
Department of Pediatric Nephrology
Tokyo Women’s Medical University

I have a great honor of assuming the post of the president of the Japanese Society for Pediatric Nephrology (JSPN) as of June 2018. With a new organizational framework now adopted, I would like to take this opportunity to express my hopes and aspirations as I take the helm.

Our Mission:
The most important mission of the JSPN is to ensure that children born and living across all of Japan as well as their families can benefit from pediatric nephrology practice and treatment of assurance and quality.

Our Roadmap:
The roadmap to accomplish our Mission is as follows: To further improve the standard of pediatric nephrology care; to provide and strengthen a sound system of pediatric nephrology practice; to boost research activities in pediatric nephrology and their advancement; and to secure and train human resources.

Our Goals (2018-2020):

To provide pediatric nephrology specialists/Board Certified Nephrologist in all 47 prefectures across Japan (Enhancing medical care standards and providing good medical care systems)
To develop and maintain career paths for all JSPN member doctors (Securing human resources)
To maintain career paths by providing JSPN members of childbearing/rearing age with re-training and support for return-to-work (Securing human resources)
To recruit young pediatricians to become specialists in nephrology (Training the future generation)
To continue/develop existing activities and to further promote pediatric nephrology research with the aim of greater advancement of pediatric nephrology
To explore and initiate new projects in association with relevant academic societies
To designate medium-term goals (5 years) and long-term goals (10 years)

Our Strategy:

  1. Wide deployment of human resources and promotion of their activities (all JSPN members nationwide, all ages and both sexes)
  2. Creation of a return-to-work support system for JSPN members after a career break due to childbirth or child care
  3. Creation of systematic training program in coordination with the Annual Meeting Program, Education Committee Program, and with other societies in all geographical areas, and to provide educational materials to all JSPN members (including videos posted on the homepage)
  4. Positive restructuring of some committees and institution of new committees, having clearly defined the respective roles of all committees including introduction of individual mini-committee activities to address various issues, together with greater cross-committee coordination
  5. Creation of strong partnership with other relevant academic societies (especially the Japanese Society of Nephrology and the International Pediatric Nephrology Association)
  6. Management of the Society that is highly flexible and transparent

I assumed my post with a strong resolve and sense of mission with a view to dedicate myself to the running of the JSPN for the next two years because, in order to achieve our Mission, strong operational management is vital. I aim to lay the foundations for the future development of the JSPN, which are grounded in the reinforcement of our organizational, financial and administrative systems.

All JSPN’s effort is for the benefit of all children with renal disease and their families – this is our steadfast desire and the JSPN’s Mission. To achieve our Mission, I intend to focus my effort single-mindedly into leading and managing the Society to the best of my ability. I ask for the generous support and guidance from not only all JSPN members but also from the public at large.

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